In the present market the quality of feed can
objectively and unequivocally be verified

The GMP+ Certification provides an additional guarantee for our clients.
Right from the start of our story we sought to instil in the company, values which we believe in: ethics, respect for nature, transparency, trust.

Today we are able to boast of valuable partnerships and establish reciprocal trust relationships with all stakeholders. This is how we can ensure controlled production, formulations based on accurate measurements and mixes.

Our production of premixes and additives for animal fees is compliant with GMP+ standards, as certified by GMP+ Certificate No. GMP027538. Since 2012 we have also obtained authorisation for the production of organic trace elements in terms of the Rules set out in Reg. 183/2005.

certificazione GMP Eurofeed - certification GMP

What is GMP+ Certification?

It is a certification scheme which confirms the correct use of additives and products for veterinary medicine which also provides for controlled levels of undesirable substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, and aflatoxin.

There are also checks on preventative measures to prevent salmonella contamination of the animals.

GMP+ certification gives the assurance that animal feed and the feed ingredients meet the required statutory standards, testament to our undertaking to food safety and safe production processes.