Developing innovative products
to meet client’s requirements...

and playing an active role in technological innovation in the sector are challenges we rise to daily.

Rearing healthy animals while maintaining an uncompromising undertaking to sustainable growth must be a priority today. To this end, we constantly invest energy and resources in modernising our production chain. Technological research and respect for Nature thus become an integral part of the new way of doing business which we wish to promote.

In 2004 a new plant was commissioned for organic chelate trace elements production with hydrolysate of soya, glycine, and methionine, while in 2006 a new machine was put into operation for the production of flavourings. The technology was developed to obtain the most reliable chemical-physical qualities of finished products. The particular design of the plant ensures complete control over the production lines to reduce the risk of cross-contamination to a remarkable extent.

The quality of the production process is assured by specific procedures which evaluate all the parameters which directly influence the product quality:

Characteristics of raw materials
and chemical-physical control

Control of
process parameters

Control of the various
phases of the production process

Specifications of
the final product