Pet food department

The present-day Pet Food business and rendering channels in general constantly require more innovative solutions. The choice of raw materials, constant control over processes and cooperation with clients are today indispensable starting points to react to new market demands. Our mission is and will always remain animal welfare.

We wish to provide avant-garde solutions grounded in care for nature and animals. We partner with clients to create custom-made products so as effectively to satisfy special needs.

Prevention of oxidation in animal and pet food meal

Developing avant-garde ingredients actually to improve the shelf life of raw materials and finished products is possible today. We establish valuable partnerships with the clients, creating tailor-made designs and optimising the mix for any specific requirement that may arise from preventive measures against the oxidation of fats, vegetable/animal proteins, flavouring and premixes of vitamins and minerals.

Oxy line
A line of Synthetic (BHA, BHT, TBHQ, Propyl Gallate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid) and Natural Antioxidants (Tocopherols, Rosemary, Green and Black Tea). They prevent rancidification and oxidation, increase storage life, improve the stability and palatability of pet foods, vegetable and animal proteins and vitamins.

of pathogens

We have created an antibacterial line to prevent any kind of contamination, degradation or deterioration of raw materials. To ensure animal health it is essential to avoid food contamination by pathogens that can compromise their wellbeing in a serious manner. Eurofeed products are specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacterial colonies by natural elements assisted by avant-garde technological techniques.

Especially designed for preventive treatment of feeds and raw materials against contamination and recontamination by Salmonella and other bacterial pathogens. Composed of a mix of propionic acid (used in the food industry during the process of preparation and storage), formic acid (used as antibacterial agent to block the fermentation processes), and phosphoric acid (used to balance the acidity of feed and raw materials).


Duo Prevention

A product devised for the treatment of raw materials susceptible to producing putrid odours, rancidification and decomposition like meat and fish meal and butchery by-products.  Lactic acid is present in the mix (used as acidifier, preservative and flavouring or during the packaging process to improve shelf-life and inhibit the growth of bacterial colonies), phosphoric acid (used to adjust acidity and inhibit bacterial growth). 


Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals, their ancestors were predators, and for this reason their digestive system has evolved to digest and assimilate a diet mostly composed of meat. Today they have become domestic animals, and their food is composed for a good part of vegetable matter with a lower digestibility which often causes dysfunction in the digestive system. It is therefore important to prevent inflammatory processes and alterations to intestinal functionality caused by the presence of ingested nutrients (carbohydrates and proteins) which act as food for pathogenic microorganisms. If microflora balance has been compromised, the normal fermentation process is altered causing diarrhoea, loose and ill-formed stools, intestinal swelling, flatulence, weight loss and metabolic problems. Today the pet food industry has to respond to ever-increasing pressure and attentiveness from owners of companion animals and has chosen to include in their premium and super premium lines products containing prebiotics.

Synerbyo line
Complex of prebiotics designed to maintain normal intestinal functionality and rapidly restore it where it has been altered. The Mix is composed of a special mixture of plant-based raw materials, each heat-treated at a precise temperature for a determined length of time with the goal of altering the structure of the dietetic fibre of starch, making it thereby more efficacious in reducing diarrhoea.  This product ensures that faeces of companion animals are better formed, preventing or resolving the onset of intestinal dysfunction. The components which make up the rest of the product are Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) that stop the colonisation of the digestive tract, Beta-glucans (stimulate immunity in the intestines and systemic immunity), Nucleotides (helps the spread of enterocytes, improving the regeneration of the intestinal wall).