Pathogens can be found in any environment and prove to be extremely dangerous contaminants for animal welfare, causing diseases. To decrease the number of harmful microorganisms, it is not enough to clean and disinfect feed lines and the water source at breeders’ premises, however meticulously done. Some pathogens are naturally present in animals’ bodies, others exist on the exterior and wait till the body is somehow weakened before triggering infection. Besides this, there are pathogens, which, although not dangerous in themselves, can act in synergy with other microorganisms and cause problems.

Not all can be eradicated, but it is important to prevent their spread, keeping them below the critical threshold beyond which the animal is at risk of disease.

Cleaning and

Before starting a new breeding cycle, it is essential to remove all dirt and organic substances left over from the last breeding cycle because they are a platform for high concentrations of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites and, sometimes, viruses. At the beginning of a new cycle, animals are particularly vulnerable, young, and subject to stress. Eurofeed products are made precisely to properly clean the entire farm to prevent any kind of problem at this most delicate time in the animal’s life.

Formaldehyde-based fumigant. Reduces or eliminates pathogens in animal stalls and equipment simply and efficiently. It is made in 700-gramme tablet form.

Control of

Eurofeed products are designed to prevent pathogens entering the animal’s body and to decrease the number of harmful microorganisms present in the environment, thus ensuring excellent growth, feed conversion and proper financial returns.

Natural anticoccidial which reduces the formation of spores, bacteria, and the release of oocysts. Active against Eimeria, Isospora, Cryptosporidium. Produced in powder or liquid form.

Natural antiparasitic active against all parasitic helminths. Reduces or eliminates macroscopic endoparasites infestation. Produced in powder form.

Mixture of acidifiers and their salts which inhibits the growth of moulds, fungi and disactivates spores preventing their spread. Produced in powder or liquid form.

Mixture of acidifiers and their salts which reduces salmonella contamination but is also effective against other pathogens. Produced in powder or liquid form.