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Animal nutrition
is our world

Since 1996 we have driven innovative solutions which blend research technology and respect for nature

From 1996 we have been finding solutions that consciously combine nature and technology.

We have conceived a new method for producing and marketing premixes of additives for feeds. Our concept is grounded in the knowledge that animal welfare must always be the indisputable priority. We now know that this is possible and – thanks to the know-how developed – we can provide concrete solutions to our clients to optimise profitability, minimise risks and, at the same time, make the work easier.


To produce, formulate and market premixes of additives for feeds and other feedstock products, premix industries and breeders all over the world, warranting a mix that is adapted to nature and in technology.


We truly care for our clients. We provide professional assistance and hold technical seminars on the products either at clients’ facilities or at our premises at Brandico (Italy).


We carefully select the raw materials to be used, with special attention to the traceability of the products used.


Our additives are inspired by nature both in their ingredients and in their production cycle. To keep up with present market demands, modern animal production requires the inclusion of feed additives, which are often subject to restrictions by reason of their chemical origin. Eurofeed’s additives, thanks to their special composition, can be used where others are limited or prohibited.


We have opted for a new way of doing business, governed by solid values which we share with all our partners, ensuring relationships of trust and reciprocal respect.