Functional Support

Modern breeding practice requires animal growth to be rapid and accelerated, which risks compromising welfare.  Animals can possibly encounter dysfunctions that undermine the proper functioning of organs, the skeleton, the liver, the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts or the reproductive organs. 

Each of these organs must be carefully managed and supported to ensure their perfect functioning throughout the entire life of the animal. Eurofeed’s feed additives are specially designed to provide nutrients and whatever is necessary to support each organ.


Contemporary breeding stock are the fruit of genetic selection aimed at improving rates of growth. This leads to the animal having a greater weight at a younger age and thus a skeleton not yet mature and ready to support the mass it has accumulated. Eurofeed’s additives are composed to prevent and resolve any skeletal problems, strengthen animals’ bones and cartilages, by improving the capacity to support greater mass and improving healing when there has been injury.

Vitamins for bone formation, calcium and phosphorous for bones and stronger eggshells, trace elements to improve the formation and maintenance of bones and cartilages. Produced in liquid form.

Chelpro line
These are easily absorbed and improve bodily functions, health, and performance.
Available in: Protein, Glycinate and Methionate form.
Produced in powder and liquid form.

Respiratory tract

In contemporary breeding, animals live in an environment which often presents serious challenges for bronchial and lung health: elevated concentrations of CO², ammonia, heat, humidity, and dust. Preventing inflammation of the airways therefore becomes very important and Eurofeed’s additives are provided to satisfy these needs. Products are specifically formulated to reduce inflammation of the lungs and bronchi, helping to remove mucus from the airways, thus reducing the possibility of infections.

Improves respiratory health by reducing the production of mucus while at the same time helping expectoration.  Made in liquid form.


The liver is an extremely important organ. It performs a number of functions inter alia synthesis of proteins, digestive system support (produces bile used in digestion) and detoxification of the body of excess toxins. Unfortunately, hepatic problems are very common in intensive breeding where animals are fed with a very rich diet with high energy and protein density. Eurofeed’s additives are the best answer to support liver function, protecting the organ from degeneration and, at the same time, improving detoxification.

Improves liver function, encourages detoxification, and reduces liver stress. Produced in powder and liquid forms.

Immune system

The immune system of breeding animals’ is constantly being stimulated, to the point of being ever busy combating infections, parasites, toxins, or other threats. Inflammation of the immune system can be positive, inasmuch as it helps animals recover quickly from injuries suffered, but, at the same time, this can be excessive and cause problems of various kinds, like the consumption of essential substances which would otherwise have been used for growth. Therefore, it is important to modulate the immune system rather than make it work full time. In this way, it will be able to combat the enemies, when necessary, without causing damage to the animal. The use of feed additives is of fundamental importance in this respect since it helps keep inflammation under control, so it comes into action only when there is real threat.

Enhancer of microflora, intestinal booster, and natural promotor of growth.  Produced in powder and liquid form.

Mycoban line
Liquid binder of mycotoxins. Detoxifies the animal’s body and increases resistance to toxins. Produced in liquid form.