We establish beneficial partnerships with all our clients,
assisting them in concrete ways to develop their business

Guided by a passion which sets us apart, we have become leader in Italy in the production of organic trace element premixes. We have formed a team with an extensive knowledge of the market and of the product to be able to provide concrete and exhaustive answers for the client.

We see this work as a calling. Animal welfare remains a priority for which we are determined to provide tailored solutions. We believe in Man’s ability to find such solutions, and we know how to conceive a future in which Nature continues to be the beating heart of the world, we choose to perform technological research since we know there are no limits … merely horizons to explore.

Eurofeed - analyses


Each sample analysed is entrusted to specialised and certified laboratories. Our customers can count on their test methods being compliant with the most up-to-date sectoral standards.

Eurofeed - Advice service


Our staff provides specialised consultancy at our premises or at the client’s facilities with a single aim: formulate a better diet for each animal species.

Eurofeed - training


We can take on the training of your staff as to how best to use products.


We always keep everyone informed of the test results of our products.


We partner with our client in the formulation of new products designed to resolve specific problems or to verify the quality of Eurofeed’s products.