The value of a story lies in viewing it through the lens of the dream that conceived it

The heart of our vision is to create an expert blend of nature and technology, pursuing constant training in the correct principles of animal nutrition oriented towards the final consumer.


Eurofeed was conceived with a clear mission: the production, formulation, mixing and sale of additives, additive premixes and other products intended for the animal feed and agri-food processing industries, establishing rewarding partnerships with clients and stakeholders. Eurofeed plants obtained Authorisation for additives, premixes, and supplementary feedstuffs in terms of EC Regulation 183/2005 No. αIT100907BS


Significant investments relating to the commissioning of new plant dedicated to the production of additives, premixes and supplementary feedstuffs and obtaining Authorisation in terms of EC Regulation 183/2005 N° αIT100907BS; a production plan was also developed to minimise risks of cross-contamination thanks to perfecting control over the production lines.


A line opened for the production of flavourings through next-generation technology capable of ensuring maximum reliability of the chemical-physical characteristics of the final products.


The production plant and administration offices were relocated to new and modern premises.


The Eurofeed plant obtained Authorisation for the production of organic trace elements (CHELATES) pursuant to Regulation EC 183/2005, Authorisation number αITM00002BS .


April. Eurofeed Technologies Argentina S.A. launched, wholly owned subsidiary with premises in Argentina.

July. Eurofeed Technologies Srl was listed as Eurofeed Technologies SpA (i.e. “Ltd.”).


Two new semi-automatic plants come on stream to produce powder-form trace elements (chelates).


A new line dedicated to the automatic packaging of powder-form products is added.


The plant dedicated to packaging in 5 and 10 litre bottles and tanks was completely renovated.


A new line came on stream dedicated to the automatic production of liquid products.


The production of powder-form products 100% automated thanks to the addition of new storage silos located both at the production site and externally for the raw materials necessary for the production of antioxidants.

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