Cleaning & Disinfection

Biosecurity is used in rendering and pet food agricultural enterprises and industries to create conditions in the keeping of animals, in the processing of meals and in finished products aimed at reducing diseases to a minimum, optimising animal performance and welfare and contributing to providing food safety even at the microbiological and organoleptic level.

A lack of biosecurity has a negative impact on all aspects of the management and production of animals including growth, well-being, the administration of feed, and mortality.

Contamination can enter a factory by various routes: through feed, water, litter, or young animals. It is therefore absolutely essential that a “clean break” be created between the various cycles. The company must ensure the removal of all possible sources of contamination. Pathogenic agents always multiply in dirt and organic materials, and for this reason all left-over material must be removed in the cleaning process.

This is done using water with detergents which dislodge dirt and other organic material from surfaces. The cleaning phase is followed by the disinfection phase.



Is a formulation of eco-friendly Didecyldimethylammonium chloride, characterised by strong detergent properties, for treating surfaces.


Rremoves materials such as slime, algae, dust patches etc., through a cleaning action I all parts of the water system; it is bio-degradable, non-corrosive and is immediately effective.


Aall in one Bio security, it is the perfect multi-purpose sanitiser for equipment, vehicles, air purification, water supply and systems. It is a multipurpose sanitiser in powder form, which works through the associative effect of its components, which have detergent properties able to produce in the environments and equipment on which it is used, conditions which are destructive to bacteria, viruses, and fungi (thanks to the presence of oxidising agents which act in synergy with other ingredients in the product). It has a further wide range of applications.


Is a concentrated biocide (an odourless green liquid with a neutral pH) with a base of quaternary ammonium salts (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride) and glutaraldehyde, which are known for their disinfectant and sanitising properties.


Is a fumigant in the form of fuel tablets which work through combustion (during use it is necessary to set fire to the product, extinguish the flames, wait until the entire tablet has been consumed and the fumes have filled the space to be sanitised). Over the course of several hours, its active ingredient noticeably reduces the bacterial contamination on all surfaces. A test carried out with a single block of 700 grammes in a sealed room, to combat various types of micro-organisms, showed a significant reduction in microbial activity.


Is a biocide which contains povidone iodine (povidone-iodine, PVP-I) as its active ingredient. This mix enables the molecules to better achieve their biocidal actions upon micro-organisms. It boasts a full spectrum of actions which work against gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria; it also works against moulds and destroys their spores. It is active over a short contact period, from five to ten minutes, but it is advisable to leave it to work for a longer period. The product is diluted with water to 0,6-1,0% (6-10 ml per litre) and sprayed onto walls and floors; it can also be used to disinfect instruments and equipment through immersion.